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Latest Webinar: July 18, 2018

Topics discussed: The market-moving events that have taken place over the past week or so, including second-quarter earnings season, some of the trade concerns that are still hanging over the... Watch It Now ›

John Jagerson
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Wade Hansen
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Weekly Update: Jul 18, 2018

The acronym “FANG” stands for Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Alphabet (GOOGL) — formerly called Google — and is sometimes expanded to include Apple (AAPL) as a second “A” (i.e. FAANG) in the list. The short-hand expression was originally coined by market pundit Jim Cramer and, if a few more stocks such as Microsoft (MSFT), Nvidia (NVDA) and Adobe (ADBE) are added, it would make a good index of some of the best-performing tech stocks in the market.

Traders care about the FANGs because they are considered a proxy for risk appetite. Those stocks tend to have high valuations with very high growth estimates. If the bulls are in control, the FANGs should be doing well. Similarly, if the FANG stocks were to falter, traders should assume that momentum is fading and stocks may be at risk.

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