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Latest Webinar: October 19, 2016

Topics discussed: The earnings results we have seen so far this season and what they can tell us about the condition of the broader market, our predictions for the market... Watch It Now ›

John Jagerson
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Wade Hansen
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Weekly Update: Oct 19, 2016

So far this earnings season, the data have been strong enough to prevent any serious selling. However, the inverse is also true for buying that could send prices above resistance. So the question at this point is whether the consensus is for a flat market or if traders are evenly split (more or less) between bullish and bearish outlooks. The first scenario reduces the risk of price shocks, while the latter increases that risk.

In the option market, we aren’t seeing expectations build for a breakout, which is usually where the first early signs would emerge. That is both good and bad because it means volatility is low, but, on the other hand, options are also cheaper when volatility is lower. A calm option market is evidence that traders are neutral about their outlook rather than split.

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