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Latest Webinar: January 18, 2017

Topics discussed: The benchmark S&P 500 index, what the market has been doing in general, some of the bigger macroeconomic forces that we are still waiting to see develop, the... Watch It Now ›

John Jagerson
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Wade Hansen
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Weekly Update: Jan 18, 2017

As we wait to see if the S&P 500 is going to be able to continue its long-term uptrend and break up to new highs or if it is going to turn around and start heading lower, we thought it would be helpful — especially for those who have recently joined the SlingShot Trader community — to take a moment and review perhaps the most important tenet of successful investing: money management.

When it comes to trading options, the most important part of money management is position sizing. Position sizing is the process whereby you determine how many contracts you are going to buy when you enter a trade.

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