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Latest Webinar: April 26, 2017

Topics discussed: The performance of the broad market following the results of the French election over the weekend, the tax reform plan that was laid out by President Trump’s administration... Watch It Now ›

John Jagerson
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Wade Hansen
Editor, SlingShot Trader

Weekly Update: Apr 26, 2017

A debate is raging on Wall Street regarding the gap between “soft data” and “hard data.” Soft data refer to forward-looking sentiment measures that ask people to look out into the future and estimate whether their economic situation is going to be better or worse than it currently is.

Hard data refer to backward-looking performance measures that gather data on what production and spending has actually occurred in the economy and whether or not the economy has grown. Soft data measures have been climbing higher and higher for months, but hard data measures have not followed suit.

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