NASDAQ  4086.23 52.06 (1.29%) DJIA  16424.85 162.29 (1%) S&P 500  1862.31 19.33 (1.05%) ^VIX  14.18 -1.43 (-9.16%)


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That's what happens with great regularity when the

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That's the exact opposite of how most folks approach investing. They dump their money in the market, and then sit and wait – effectively going toe-to-toe with all the big money giants.

That's a can't-win, loser of a proposition, as clearly shown by the facts.

The S&P 500 is around 1,300 now – it was around 1,300 a year ago. And it's 150 points LOWER than it was at the turn of the century!

In the meantime…

SlingShot traders turned $5,000 into….

…$15,300 in Citrix call options in 2 days
…$9,400 in Apple calls in 3 days
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…$9,450 in Hecla Mining puts in 2 days
…$10,500 in calls in 8 days
…$11,050 in Ralph Lauren puts in 5 days

In fact, since we started SlingShot Trader last April, we've banked 50 fat winners. That means another winning trade every 3-4 trading days.

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You can do a lot of damage with a slingshot

But you can't just slug it out with the institutional traders. You've got to do it smart.

Be very selective. The big money has the wherewithal to cover the whole gamut of trading keep reading